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More than just decorating, interior architecture draws on the structure, materials and history of a building to inform how the interior can be adapted for contemporary lifestyles. We redefine the use of space, working with professionals where necessary to add or take away structural elements and create detailed designs for unique features such as bespoke joinery and decorative plasterwork.



    Commercial interior design

    Complete home or single room design

    Home additions

    Redesign or new construction

    Remodel or rehab on any scale

    Residential interior design

    Residential downsizing

    Retirement home planning

    Single-room refurbishing

    Urban living design

    Fall ceiling design


    Commercial and professional offices

    Condominium properties

    Freestanding homes

    High-rise open floor plans

    Luxury residences and estates

    Multiple properties, regionally and nationally

    Vacation and second homes

    Specialty Spaces:

    Great room planning and design

    Home offices

    Living & Dinning area design and remodeling

    Kitchen design and remodeling

    Bedrooms and Master bedroom

    Children’s rooms

    Bath and spa design and remodeling


Most houses today are a blending of styles, but if you can identify and understand some key Exterior Architectural characteristics, with Triadiko Exterior Design, there are endless possibilities for designing your hose exterior to express your unique style. And with our talented exterior designer you can create a custom design for your home. Our unique design feature brings exterior of your home to life.


It is the profession that designs, plans and manages our land. Landscape architecture combines art and science. Landscape architecture has strong roots in Triadiko. Working with architects, city planners, civil engineers and other professionals, landscape architects play an important role in environmental protection by designing and implementing projects that respect both the needs of people and of our environment. Whether working on a multi-acre corporate landscape, a small urban park, or a year-round resort, our landscape architects and urban designers consider the site's physical surroundings and the needs of the client as well as the financial mechanisms, implementation, and maintenance of the project. Our work takes place in a variety of settings, from established villas to new communities to university campuses. What all of our projects have in common is the need for practicality, quality, and attractiveness.


This is the aspect of interior design that most people love as it involves choosing furniture and decorative fittings. If you are not planning any major works to your home but would still like a fresh look, then our Decorate & Furnish service is just the ticket. Our expert team work with you to understand your requirements and then create a unique and elegant scheme by detailing the finishes, design and specification required for windows, floors, walls and ceilings. We can commission bespoke furniture design, source fabrics, oversee decorators or offer a more comprehensive service if required


We believe that form and function go hand in hand when it comes to integrating atmospheric lighting and the latest in technology into your home. Whether you are after an intelligent lighting system or have your heart set on a home cinema room, we ensure every detail is seamlessly incorporated into the design.

To create tailor-made home technology systems we work with a range of specialists. Our team manage the design, installation and programming as well as ensure the joinery, fittings, finishings and power layouts create the perfect setting.


For many of our clients, a kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food. It’s a hub where family and friends gather for everything from homework to a chat over a cup of tea. We recognise the key lifestyle role a kitchen can play, which is why our specialist kitchen design team work with you to plan every last detail. From designing a kitchen layout to suit your space to choosing finishes that meet your every requirement, we have the experience and the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

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