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About Us

About Triadiko

Why Us

Triadiko is a bench mark which you can trust upon. It is a group of leaders working together from various part of the designing section helping out beneficiaries throughout the process. The development of the firm was based on the principal of delivering art, design and architecture at the best. We made numerous progresses in the industry bringing in new work structure better working staff and labours.


Tridiko not only aspires design and art but it opens a door to the unbinding future tech and infrastructal capabilities as well as keeping in the roots of the heritage designs.

  • Stable Foundation

    Triadiko continues to build on a stable foundation that’s been impacting the designing sector for nearly years .We are always looking ahead to innovate and leave a lasting mark on our customers, our people and our communities.

  • Diverse Thinking

    Be a part of diverse thinking brought together by a global footprint that drives Design and Architecture  results through new ideas, collaboration and inclusion.  We offer a comprehensive Total Rewards package that will acknowledge our hard work and support the achievement of the results.

  • Global Experience

    Each and every day our employees raise their hands and raise the bar.  The distinctive experience you bring to Triadiko will give you the opportunity to make the most of Dream home, Workspace come true.

  • Smart workmanship

    We provide you the best workman’s available for the job. Our HR team calibrates each candidate and workman to forge in a team which delivers high performance finishes and accomplished design work. Not only the workmanship but we bring in you the quality and well as a reliable work which you can trust upon.

Our Profile

Triadiko was basically founded by a group of architects and designers working together  for only one soul purpose that is delivering design at the best.The success of Tradiko is enabled by the commitment and dedication of our employees around the Nation.  With our continued growth focus, we are a company where employees can express ideas, make a difference and build their future.


Our workplace emphasizes integrity and ethics. We are customer-focused, continually looking to innovate and enhance our products, service and solutions.


To help our employees grow, we believe it's vital to strengthen their engagement and develop their skills and leadership capabilities. This is done an environment that welcomes diversity of thought and experience.

Our Design Process

Developing the brief


The design process begins with a meeting to take the brief. Where possible, we visit your property in order to get a first-hand impression and assess your requirements in person. We develop ideas in conjunction with you and any other professionals involved in order to present you with a design statement and an initial budget.


Creating the design


The bones of the design depend on a good floor plan, which our skilled design team take great care to draw up detailing the arrangements of furniture, fixtures and fittings. Next, we create mood boards of fabrics and inspirational images to convey the concept. We present these to you in order to further develop the design concept.


Interior architecture


Following the approval of the design concept, we progress with detailed specification of the interior architectural elements. These include detailed designs for kitchens, bathrooms, joinery and lighting.


Furniture fittings and equipment


With all the interior architecture and floor plans settled, we develop a complete interior scheme, including samples of fabrics, carpets and specialist wall finishes as well as items of furniture, furnishings and accessories. We will also specify bespoke items according to your requirements. At this stage budgets are agreed and fixed.




In order to procure exceptional items for your home we work with a number of specialist artisan furniture makers and as select materials and objects from around the world. We also source artwork taking into account any pieces you may already have.


Installation and dressing


We project manage the installation making sure that every item arrives on time and is beautifully installed. Our design team personally ensures that finishing touches are in place before presenting you with your new home.



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